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Are you seeking a seasoned contractor to handle your renovation needs? Look no further than Nurenovation, your trusted construction company.

Nurenovation specializes in a wide array of services, including house renovations, interior remodeling, building transformations, and office upgrades. Our expertise spans various tasks such as painting, plastering walls and ceilings, tiling and laying floors.

We pride ourselves on our proficiency in crafting the latest and most sophisticated interior designs, featuring decorative ceilings with indirect lighting, custom-made floors, and innovative drywall installations. From high-end projects to budget-friendly yet luxurious designs, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific desires.

Our approach to renovation involves preserving the existing character of the structure while enhancing comfort and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Trust Nurenovation to bring your vision to life, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality.

More about our work?

Specializing in house renovation and remodeling means our clients don’t need to juggle multiple contractors. We handle everything from start to finish, resulting in faster completion times and cost savings for homeowners.

Our team takes care of building, plastering, painting walls and ceilings, laying floors, tiling and more—all with a skilled, unified approach.

For projects requiring creativity, our experienced team excels in crafting innovative designs that satisfy our clients’ visions.

With over a decade of experience spanning diverse designs and materials both locally and internationally, our expertise promises to inject fresh perspectives into Dutch interior architecture and design, optimizing space utilization to its fullest potential.

Our bespoke approach caters to clients seeking unique additions tailored to their preferences and style, whether it’s a personalized touch for their home environment, an office setup to enhance productivity, or a home upgrade. Our services encompass a wide spectrum of customization to meet varied needs and desires.

Furthermore, we specialize in crafting the latest and most contemporary interior designs, featuring elements such as decorative ceilings with indirect lighting, innovative drywall installations, and custom-made flooring. From upscale projects to more budget-friendly yet luxurious designs, we offer solutions that cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

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Enhance your living or workspace with Nurenovation, your go-to experts for house renovations, interior remodeling, office transformations, and more. For further details, reach out to us at info@nurenovation.com.
saleh jaslemsaleh Mlla
professioneel werk! altijd op tijd en goede communicatie!👍
Jeff Dijkstra
Nurenovation was very proactive and provided solutions outside the scope of the plastering works. The plastering works were carried out very professionally, within the agreed time and for a very reasonable price. I would therefore recommend Nurenovation for plastering works.
Barbara van der Ploeg
zeer vlotte werker. erg netjes. het is nog niet helemaal af, omdat het stucwerk moet drogen, maar zal eindresultaat laten zien!
Rob van der Ploeg
Prima vakman op gebied van stucwerk en plafonds aanbrengen. Werkt netjes en precies. Goede communicatie en zeer geschikt voor kluswerk op gebied van herstel en vernieuwing van interieur in woningen.
Ilvy Datema
Goede communicatie, heeft veel geduld om samen tot het beste resultaat te komen. - Good communication, has a lot of patience to achieve the best result together.